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Founded in 1975, Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the only global non-profit professional organization representing city, state, regional, provincial and national film commission members on six continents.

Our annual Cineposium provides members a unique environment to discuss topics currently affecting the business of production and to brainstorm solutions to challenges members face in an ever-changing industry. Consider hosting the event in your territory.

AFCI Week, our hallmark annual event, brings film commissioners and industry together with the film industry players. The successful Business to Business Day in a classroom setting, where senior executives from major film and television companies come in one-by-one and speak to the our members, highlighting their location and infrastructure needs as well as up-and-coming projects.

AFCI is committed to providing film commission staff members with the educational tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace AFCI University. We have developed a three-tiered education program that provides valuable information and training opportunities tailored to interest everyone from industry newbie to seasoned veteran. Professionals who need a basic overview of film commission work will benefit from Film Commission Fundamentals, while others may require the targeted training found in the Master Classes or choose to enroll in the Certified Film Commissioner Program.

Our Affiliate Membership program enables production companies and businesses servicing the production community to also be a part of the organization.

For over 40 years AFCI has provided advocacy, connectivity and education necessary for film commissions and businesses in the screen sector to foster economic growth, to initiate the groundwork for strong infrastructure and provide the essentials for professional development in a fair, sustainable and socially diverse manner world-wide.

We are proud of our members and their professionalism and do our utmost to meet their needs.

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